For those of you who know me already, you’re unlikely to learn anything new here.

For those of you who don’t… well, you’re still unlikely to learn anything new here 😉 My comfort levels restrict me to saying only this: I am in my thirties, I work in education, and I’m fascinated by words.

Honestly, I don’t know what this blog is about, any more than I know what my brain is about, but you can probably safely expect greater or lesser degrees of the following:

  • Mental health, including but not limited to my (social) anxiety and neurodivergent tendencies;
  • Metaphysical ramblings where I attempt to put into words something which, I am increasingly convinced, defies them;
  • Language, linguistics, and why it matters;
  • Things like knitting, and calligraphy, and video games, and why they matter;
  • Rants, with varying degrees of evidence, on the state of the world, humanity, and my life.

I will not blog about the following:

  • Politics. I might pull out some general trends that I identify in the world, or I might even comment on particular news stories that grab my attention, but I will use these to talk about people, reactions, and how I feel about these things; not about political parties, or voting a particular way, or whatever. Politics as a topic frustrates me and saddens me and pretty much highlights why we’re not good at being humans together, and I don’t want any of that;
  • Beauty. Sure, in the abstract, about how society seems to view it and what that means for the people who live in that society, etc, etc, but if you’re here looking for reviews and tutorials and what-not then a) if you knew me you’d know how utterly laughable that is and b) you’ll be very, very disappointed;
  • Specifics of my day-to-day life, because it would probably be very dull.

Oh, and I don’t have comments open. I have a vague and naive hope that if friends want to talk to me about these things, they will, just not in bloody Facebook comments sections. If strangers want to talk to me about these things, well, I guess they can fill out this form and see how far it takes them.